• Audio and Video
  • Remote conferencing
  • Digital white boards
  • Operation and control

Boardroom Applications

Our boardroom solutions enable you to bring state-of-the-art technology to your meetings, making business more efficient, interesting and productive. Our collaboration solutions provide a streamlined process for planning and conducting effective meetings.

Easily project from a computer to a monitor or screen, enabling participants greater viewing from all locations in the room. Manually or automatically adjust the lights for optimal screening. Properly designed room acoustics will enable each staff member to clearly deliver their message.

You can conduct real time audio / video remote conferencing through high-performance applications. High-bandwidth will allow you to capture, display and record moving images in real time. Through voice and video conferencing solutions and IP based networks, you’ll receive the quality of service and reliability for the optimal conferencing experience.

Following the meeting, provide participates with hard copies of the material that was written on the electronic whiteboard. You can send an electronic version to everyone’s computer. Whiteboard images can easily be downloaded to the computer and printed, saved, changed, faxed and emailed.

Our sophisticated and reliable control panels will enable you easily operate boardroom electronics. Our solutions allow you to control presentation devices such as projectors, projection screens, video displays and other A/V equipment. We will ensure that all authorized individuals are properly trained on the system.